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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
I run a Mag and agree that about once a season, something small is failing on the machine. But PG has always gotten me the parts in a timely manner....albeit with expensive shipping and $ high dollar part cost.

My machine has 600+ hours and I would say overall has been pretty reliable. Perhaps you got a lemon?

I do think there is still a market for articulating machines, esp on smaller yards with tighter areas where those big Z's cannot get into.
I'm not talking about once a season. I'm talking it got to the point that if I could run it 2 days in a row without having to rig something I was happy. Also something that I didn't mention because it wasn't a 'breakdown' is the fact that I had to be so careful about I sprayed out of it because the pump would gum up. And, yes I rinsed every night.
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