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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
I don't know of a single lawn a z spray can't get into vs a pg unless its gate size and zsprays line has that covered also. It can turn tighter etc.

There's a reason that mowers are zero turn compared to the pg pivot joint. Its faster, gets in tighter areas and just simply better.

Pg was a good machine till zspray came along. Zsprays just simply are better/easier/reliable compared to all others. Anyone thinking otherwise hasn't owned one or so set in their ways/loyal that they are blind. Its that much better.
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Of my 200+ fertilizer accounts I have less than 5 properties that I can't get my LT into. When I bought the LT I said that I would run the LT on the bigger ones and the PG on the smaller ones.. That lasted about 2 days. Its just so accurate and stable. And dang its reliable. There is nothing that I have had to engineer a better way on the LT like I have on about every moving part on the PG.
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