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26hp efi walker running rough??

I have a 03 walker 26hp efi just bought used, it cranks and idles great and the blades come on great. Once I idle the mower to almost or full idle the mower starts sputtering and running rough while sitting still, when I try to drive it and mow with the same thing happens, and I won't even be mowing grass just turn the blades on and it acts like it wants to cut off but never does. And after a few minutes of use the engine light comes on the will go back off shortly after. I ran the codes and it came up 34. Unplugged the computer and plugged it back up and ran almost the same but codes then read 61. Shut it off and restarted it and they ran 34 again? What's the deal? I was thinking just a fuel filter and plugs but that wouldn't make the mower run a 34 code would it? Maybe an oxygen (o2 sensor) Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the poor explanation guys just tried to tell it as good as I could lol.
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