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Well I read the posts and didn't see the twist. Keep your full time job and run your business part-time. I have been doing it for years. I work a lot a real lot. 50 hrs. plus full time and till dark the rest of the time. I work 7 days a week. The nice thing for part-time is I pick and choose. I make time for the family and go on vacation to boot. I have a small crew on call when needed. Not to big not to small. I'm the boss and I make it work. Stress sure....But a trip to the zoo or to a movie with the family brings me back. Some lawns once a week and the 10 day lawns are in fact bi-weekly. Be honest with all people involved so you can sleep at night and people understand its part-time. If they don't....CUT THEM LOOSE.....LESS STRESS in your life. You will never please those customers. Good luck.....
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