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Thanks guys.

Now that I am venturing into the gardening side of the industry, there are MILLIONs of differnt tastes and styles. I happen to like a more natural feel, hand pruning of most shrubs, making things feel natural, but yet maintaining it to stay looking "maintained...." Im not sure how to explain it.

My main gardening client, the white house, said to me one day..... My yard feels like a jungle..... She said it in a good way, and well, thats what I am shooting for......a natural feel, with happy clients.

I must be getting old, or the new mower made mowing that much more enjoyable......but we had a great week production wise. Ive finally dialed in my employee selection to where Im watching these guys do extras that I used to have to catch, instead of babysitting kids. Now if I can only hold onto them through the winter, thought today I pretty much re secured my snow work Ive held previously, along with my two new plows added to the fleet. Lets pray for some snow!!
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