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Originally Posted by anolog139 View Post
How well do they cut / stripe compared to an exmark? Reliability? Quality? I know nothing about them. I've done research but I'm looking for actual users reviews on them
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I just post some Photos ON this thread

If they didn't cut well I wouldn't be owning them. Compare to Exmark Ones I seen Don't cut well eveybody around here always double cut I never double cut No need for it. Like said I have 10 I run somewhere each week
The years I have are 88,92,95,01,01,05,06,10,11,13 Sizes are 3-72'' 6-60'' 1-50'' which 50'' is my spray rig it doesn't mow anymore
My biggest lawn is 70acres
No major problems with.
Quality One of a kind Built well The ride is nice
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