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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
I love what I do so much that it is like getting paid to for indulging in a hobby. Whatever is bothering me, especially my extremely dysfunctional family, is put on the back burner. Watching weeds die, the grass green up, laying the perfect cross mowed stripe on a lawn and getting paid very well to do it puts things in perspective.
This is generally me and how I think! I love what I do so much I still laugh sometimes at what people are willing to do what I love.

There are days when it just stinks. For example certain days this year with the growth I have put on in the business I just feel stressed to my ends. How I deal with it is generally calling someone else in the industry and seeking for solutions but generally just venting to them relieves the pressure. I try to limit shop talk with my wife, my employees generally do not need to know all the details so I am fortunate to have developed a decent amount of friends /network buddies in the industry to "vent" too at time when it is needed.

Just this week I called Rob off of LS here to just freaking scream about how bad my truck stunk as well as the straps on the back pack blowers from all the different people sweating on them and the different body chemistry colliding on these pieces of equipment. There was stress behind that from the work load we currently have...but what was setting me off was the damn stink of those objects.....and Rob was a good friend and just set there and listened to me carry on for several minutes about it. After that I felt great for awhile! It was just a matter of venting.
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