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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
I burn that 'crap' and don't have an issue with it? Did someone tell you something that you now believe is true?
I worked as a technician in an engineering facility for 35 years that designed and built engines from 5 to 300 hp. Fuel was a very large concern to us. Engines can be built to "tolerate" ethanol and will work if you follow certain procedures. The problem is the corrosive nature of ethanol in that it is very hydroscopic. It attracts water and I assume you know what water does to engines. It is especially hard on 2-stroke engines. The small engine manufacturers association warns against using the E-15 blend and says your warranty is void if you do use it. So know, I didn't have someone tell me about this, I experienced it. Sometimes DA, you say things based on your own personal opinion that are not on the facts.
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