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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
I always break it down. So the customer knows what they are getting
I don't show cost I show the mark up price only
Labor is broke down on each task I do

I'm working on a new bid. Seeding and landscape with little hard scape
Customer ask for a break down. The First Landscaper wouldn't tell the break down of his bid of 50k. The customer cant compare to other bids and Customer don't even know what he is getting.

You wouldnt buy a new truck with out knowing what you are getting for 50k

This does not make any sense.

A descriptive propos will tell anyone what they are getting.

You want seeding and landscaping done? Then there should be a scaled plan for the landscape install and the proposal should state plant names, qty, and sizes.

It does not matter if the job is $2200.00 or $150,000 - there is no need to break anything down.

Now, if a client is unsure if they want a seat wall, lighting, etc., then I'll list those as individual options.

Would I bay a car without costs broken down?? Of course,
Absolutely. If it has and if it is what I want, and the price is good - then of course. Life does not have to be difficult.

You price the job with your break downs, a ill price the same job with one lump price.....and I bet you I would get the job. Gotta know how to write a proposal.
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