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Originally Posted by etwman View Post
So to answer your question, yes I guess degrees help some. More so if you want to be in corporate america. If you want to build a company bring skilled people to the table. If you are dead set on going for a degree go for business management.

Are my kids going to go to college? When that time comes we are going to have a very strong conversation about it. I see no need to spend $200k on a 4 year college. They can go to a community college for 2 and transfer, etc. I worked for 5 years before going to college, that was a huge benefit in itself.

There's my take.
I'm a fan of education at all levels but I agree with the first statement completely. When you venture into corporate america, or whatever you want to call it, the degrees you earn in college get you into resume pile "A" vs resume pile "B". That's how I see it. Also I want my physicians to be the smartest and most educated people I know. I have a masters and that's as far as I'll take it.

Education is not just about college. Attending seminars, how to workshops, and those types of things are a form of education and probably more important when they are industry specific. My main complaint with college was the first 2 years wasted on unnecessary courses. Once I got in my major it was great because it pertained to what I wanted to go to school for!! I did learn more than school could have ever taught me when I had internships, it's hands on real world stuff. Just like seminars and trade workshops do.

I mean ETWman is always talking about the people he keeps in his back pockets for help, or the Marty Grunder events he has attended, and the books he has read. ALL forms of education to help him in is mission for his business. Heck, his thread is an education in itself!

Regarding the second highlighted point, you'll probably read the same book for whatever course it is whether the community college or the big ivy league school. You're just paying more to fund the schools ivy tastes.
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