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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
"... You may have to water several times in short intervals until the bed is thoroughly wet. After that, water often enough to keep the top inch or so of the seedbed moist until the seed germinates. Remember, seeds get only one shot at germination. Let them dry out, and they're dead. ..."

Here again there are city folk telling me what I've observed throughout my life is wrong becuz some other city slicker is writing his feelings down on an advertisement...
Check it out... If they dry excessively AFTER germination, THEN they die... pretty simple isn't it???

How many farmers irrigate their grass pastures every day after seeding becuz the seed will die if they don't... the answer is 0... When seed drops off the seedhead of any grass in the wild,,, will it only grow if it is irrigated for 10 days in a row???

I'm not trying to be unkind,,, but come on, think it through,,, just a little bit... those websites are for h.o.s that haven't a clue and here the supposed lcos are talking the same nonsense...
We are talking about lawns, pasture mix is different. I can only speak with expertise on bluegrass, rye and fescues as that's what we use up here. Look again on my hydro seeding example when not watered. seed needs moisture, I'm not saying that you need to water every day but with the lack of moisture seed germination rates decline. We seed with viable seed meaning it has the potential to germinate at the percentages listed on the bag. Those rates drop drastically with lack of consistent moisture. I suppose that you will next day you can plant a tree not water it and it won't die using your lack of logic
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