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Originally Posted by williams lcm View Post
We all get stresses outside of work but still have to continue with your daily operations. Like divorce, death of a loved one or family dog or break up with longtime girlfriend. Last year had to deal with the death of a dog. Now my longtime girlfriend broke up with me. I am having a hard time mowing and trying to stay focused with this. I really can care less about mowing when I am bummed out. How do you guys deal with these issues while still dealing with the day to day operations? Thanks
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No great insights on how to deal with stress on the job but last year we lost a dog too and it was just heartbreaking. We had a black lab that was only 6 years old -- just loved dearly by our whole family -- the kids just adored her. Anyway she, out of nowhere just started throwing up her food....or much of it anyway. She just couldn't keep much down. We took her to specialist after specialist and without cutting her open and doing dangerous (and expensive) exploratory surgery there was nothing (else) they could do. Her blood was fine and nothing showed up on the stomach scope. So we just watched her slowly wither away, hoping and praying that she'd somehow make a turnaround. We changed her diet to an all raw/anti-cancer diet. I even got her to drink some of my green juice that I make every morning. But Each day while working I'd call my wife to see how she was doing. Absolutely agonizing. I know it's better a dog than a person but it was several months of worry and heartache. She finally died....never did find out what was wrong with her.
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