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Originally Posted by greengiant9963 View Post
Just curious on about how long is the breaking period ( tanks of gas)for the redmax blowers? I bought a new 7500 redmax a few days ago and really so no difference in power than my br600's. it's brand new so hoping the power increases in the next few weeks??
When I bought mu Husky 570 I felt about the same way, though I could see a difference. I didn't care though because I was happy with the power of the 600 up to that time and had just wanted a 2 stroke due to their simplicity. After I got to use the 570 on more and more stuff I quickly realized it was a lot more blower than my 600. Usually 5-10 tanks full to really get broken in. Still, you should see a difference between the 7500 and the 600 even if the 7500 is new. What are you blowing to compare them on? Once you get into large piles of leaves or other heavy debris it's no contest, the 7500 will leave the 600 in the dust (Pun intended).
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