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Originally Posted by Efficiency View Post
Anyone ever get one of these engines to not turn over with fluid locking the engine? We tried one of these units this year as a backup / over flow machine really and at 57 hours on Monday it wouldnt turn over. We pulled the spark plug and spit out a bunch of something. The service guy is trying to say its fuel/oil. Not sure what to think. We usually get 400 hrs a yr on each ride on and im not sure this GL is up to that.
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If the machine every has been laid over this will happen. We had this happen a few times in the boxtruck where it flipped over on its side for some reason.

You just pull the spark plug and it will start right up.

We have 6 of these machines and run them hard every week. As far as 400 hours per doesn't have a clue how many hours it has on it, you just have to take care of it.

Just like every other piece of equipment it comes down to preventative maintenance and how well you take care of your stuff. We like to get rid of our machines when they get close to 400-50 hours anyway because we feel our maintenance increases with the age of any equipment that applies fertilizer.
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