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Originally Posted by jcan View Post
Was going to try to fix it myself as I have an older walker coming out of the dealer right now that I had to shell out a lot for lol. Would the fuel pump make the code go off like that? I'll put new fuel lines and filter on tomorrow, it only sputters and skips on high idle would that still be fuel pump symtoms? So I need to check grounds that come off the computer or that the computer is bolted on?
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If fuel pump is bad I am not sure about the code it may trigger but I assume it would if fuel pressure is low.

If u do replace fuel line,some of itis high pressure line so u cant just use regular fuel line.Make sure its rated for high pressure.

"]it only sputters and skips on high idle would that still be fuel pump symtoms"

Mine did exactly that but it also did that with a clogged fuel filter a couple of years ago.

The computer is bolted on.Check to see if the computer is metal cased or plastic.If metal,Kohler has a grounding kit i believe.They started running a ground from the metal case to the battery ground on the frame because the computer was sending false signals to the O2 sensor.
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