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Question for you all.

I recently purchased a company that features all VLC products. I have spoken with the Local Distributor - located NYC, he sent me his pricelist, I'm not all to impressed with numbers to say the least. There are some features with the products that I am a fan of, but again, the numbers make me cringe.

Any of you guys familiar with this product? I am trying to discover longevity, reliability etc, and obviously where we are on the calendar does not facilitate my normal route of plugging them in and letting the go for XYZ to see how they hold up.

With the purchase and the route I am taking to do some advertising, procuring actual warehouse space now, $$ has gotten a bit tight, so that's why I am concerned with the $$ of the product. When I decided to make this move, it is the number of clients that got my attention and the ability to recover my investment plus at minimum 25% this season.

If anyone is familiar please let me know your experience with the products either via general thread or PM.
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