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Originally Posted by 711SnoPro View Post
Some very interesting reading yellowdog.

I'm currently in the urban forestry program at NDSU up here in Fargo, ND so I think I'll have to see what my professors have to say about this.

I know right now the big thing for us up here is the Emerald Ash Borer. Right now it's about 250 miles away but I'm sure it'll be here soon. Lots of large boulevard trees might have to go. Pretty sad!
That sucks bad. The watching and waiting is tough. We've been watching the oak wilt progress for years. Most people either don't understand it, don't do anything about it, or (contractors) facilitate spreading it. Though it may not be surprising, there are a lot of tree guys I talk to that have no clue about the what and how of oak wilt or other forest diseases. I keep running into the guys who will do anything for a buck and that attitude is not serving the customer (or the forest whether it be urban or rural).
It is frustrating and if I could rewire myself, I could make a killing just selling property rape.

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