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Originally Posted by milanis View Post
I have a customer with the Wacker that bought one of our tree ball-handlers, and he loves it. One word of caution though, any attachment that is built to fit the late model domestically produced skid steers will not fit the WN. Theirs has the mounting shoe running across the full width of the mounting plate, not two individual shoes like the Bobcats, Deeres, New Hollands, Cats, etc.
Your incorrect. The quick attach on the WN will accept any standard ssl/ctl attachment. If it fits on a BC, CAT, CNH etc. It will also fit on the WN. Also there is no way your customer can have domestically produced WN since they have not been produced for sale yet and wont be available until 2nd quarter of 14. You must be thinking of some other OEM.
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