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Originally Posted by scag3wheel View Post
How did the loader work? I to bought one that I could afford this year and have just been using it in my own yard with small piles due to lack of falling leaves near me. Mine is lower hp to so I am just curious to how yours worked with a larger pile.
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Truthfully, I think I may have been able to load the leaves quicker with a pitchfork. Eh maybe not. Saves my back though. That pile was only about 12" high inside the box. Without the compaction, caused by forcing the leaves in, probably would've filled the trailer.

I've watched a ton of videos on leaf loaders. My conclusion is that if you need one, you need to get the biggest you can use for your application without breaking the bank. If I ever needed to purchase say a Billy Goat loader it would be the highest HP tailgate mounted I could find. If you have a lot of jobs or very large ones I'd be looking at a towable unit. I mean it's the difference between sucking up a pile in :30 - 1 1/2 minutes vs 10 minutes. The price difference between the BG tailgate loaders can be a difference of $1000. But if that more expensive unit gets the job done more effectively it's probably worth the expense. Same thing with handheld vs. backpack vs. walkbehind blowers. If I had a walkbehind I probably could've saved myself :20-:30min on that job above, maybe. And you don't have to buy new.

Speaking on effectiveness/efficiency, although I'm no way near this, if the time comes instead of purchasing a dedicated dump truck I'll be looking into a used cab and chassis and getting that switch n go system. 2-3 trucks in 1. They showed one of those giant vac leaf loaders mounted on a body. Suck up leaves in the morning, doing dump truck work in the afternoon and not needing to dump in order to use the truck for the other purpose. Just switch out bodies. ETWman got me thinking about those. Especially if your a small biz with 2 or less crews. Instead of 5 trucks have two. I
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