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Hey there PLLandscape. I am actually a follower of ETW's thread as well and I just recently saw your name over there for the first time. It's almost like the twilight zone looking at your work and company.... We are seriously similar in many ways... Not only the fact that we are both solo trying to do as much as humanly possible alone. But our installs are like dopplegangers. I am a huge fan of the darker(black or dark brown) mulch in juxtaposition with decorative stone, with landscape border in between... I must have done at least 10 installs this last season exactly like yours... I actually picked the look up from a company down in Boston and just fell in love with it... I also use a ton of boxwoods (green mountain and green velvets) I worked for about 15 years for an established company in Boston before I moved to Upstate New York to start my own company.. This was my first year out.... I really like looking at your work because it's exactly how I do things... Right. I am in the same boat with wanting to get a helper next season to make things smoother but It just seems so darn hard to get someone that will be up to my standards... I mean, really, can you imagine any of those installs you did coming out like that if you left someone there to do them? Just like ETW says.... the right employees make the difference... Unfortunately, where I am located, it seems like the pool for prospective employees is small to non-existent... Oh, yeah, P.M me if you want to know any specifics or chat because I purposely stay vague on the threads because of google.
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