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Armsden&Son. I actually had to Wikipedia doppelgänger.... Thanks for the compliments. Those couple installs were based off of customer feedback although I did the "design" work, or really just plant placement.

Workers are hard to find especially when you only need a true part time laborer. I've had some friends in the past that we're awesome but they just move on to bigger and better things because they're not supposed to work as a part time laborer the rest of their life. There are employees out there, we just gotta find them and have a business that can support them. The latter probably being most peoples biggest problem. With the current race to the bottom on pricing everything suffers. Quality, consistency, efficiency, and good employees. It's joining the race to the top, although difficult, and creating a business people want to be a part of and customers who can't live without you. Tough one.
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