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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
But how much construction do you do? Your user name seems to be more heard towards cutting yards....
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1/3 of my income landscape /hardscape now

in 1981 till 85 that's all we did, in 85 we started mow lawns .

Mowing was maybe 1/3 of are income till last 5 years now its 2/3
This summer and last summer did a lot hardscape in the heat Mowing has drop down to maybe 1/2 on the month scale.

We use to travel with a Contactor Biggest wall I have done was 16ft high and 1200 ft long that was 97 or 98

Biggest Landscape / lite hardscape job was a 2 years project in 94-95 it was 350k help you understand the size we blowed 7,000 square bales of straw Installed about 500 tons of river rock Installed a granite cobble stone walk 100' x 8ft used same stones has a border around all the landscape beds They dug these stones out a old street in Neb. We installed them same way they did 100 yrs ago My Grandpa was the boss of that part. He use to redo streets like that. That was his last job. He died in 98 at the age of 91 I was glad I got work side x side with him.

I been to 5 different states.
The last big scale job we did was in 01-02
Getting older and got tried of the traveling.
So now we just stay home work do smaller scale stuff.
I rather just sit on a mower but when ask, to bid on stuff. Most of time I wont pass on it.
I just don't just mow Im a full service contactor We have 365 day contacts from the lawn to the Snow. I avg in just cutting grass 30k per month on good months 5-10k per month on other work tree,shrub trimming, spraying For the projects I do hard to say for a month or even a year say 10k to 80k
Snow its been high for last few years 50k per winter. Now getting tried of the snow but having the year contacts I have to do that part.
Few more years I'll pass it on to my son.
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