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Originally Posted by pseudosun View Post
This is why i want land, so i can sit in nature with no human in sight. I forgot poster, but this is very true with me """"Most of my stress is caused by the ineptitude of others"""" I do the second best thing; sitting on my patio looking at the sky.
I have been lucky so far in life to not have any really bad experiences out of the normal, beleive me something will happen in time I'm sure, but we have to learn how to maintain our emotions in a positive way so we can keep in a good straight line. Like pseudosun said I like my personal space away from others also. To anyone whos deals with alot of stress try some positive reading books or read the bible, or excercise. Beleive me it helps. I think the most stress in my life has been from other people to be honest, reading has helped me greatly in this area, I feel like a stronger person and things haven't been bothering me as much. Good luck to you! I learned that if you let the negative make you become a victim in your life, it's only going to get worse, get positive, even if you have to make some changes!
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