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bought stihl and echo bed edgers this year...

I grabbed a stihl edger on a whim the other day when we were having carb issues with our echo 280 and had some fall redefining to do.

Thought I would note the differences between the two.

This is better if backed up by pics but I feel the echo leaves a sharper line and seems to spin at a much higher rpm. It also directs soil back into the bed a little better and cleans the trench out nicely when compared to the stihl.

The 280 really lacks power when dealing with a poorly maintained edge but is perfect for cleaning mulch and soft dirt out of existing edges - I'ts a great unit and I don't regret purchasing this spring.

I put the stihl head on an fs250...

This thing feels like it will trench right through asphault. The power difference is night and day and the stihl head seems to generate less buildup during use.

The end result is not pretty like the echo's but cleaning out the trench and defining the edge with a string trimmer works great. Even though it requires a two step process I feel this unit is still more productive than the echo strictly because of the extra power and the extra speed at which you can tear through anything in your path.

It seems to be spinning at a lower rpm which makes it easier to pick up small rocks but the shielding works as it should and it doesn't seem terribly unsafe. I'll have to try it on one of our fs100's for a more realistic power comparison but the lower (apparent) speed should still have more digging power.

We'll have to see how both units hold up but I'm likely to replace either one if it fails - these really are great timesavers
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