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Hey guys, On Friday I went to one of my lawn equipment dealers for their fall/winter open house. There I saw the new Stihl FS 94 R coming out in Spring 2014. I was actually one of the first people in Canada to see it! (I feel really special)

It has a strato-charged Stihl 2-mix engine and for those of you wondering it will have the solid shaft, not the hollow one!

I'm not 100% sure if it has the blade/attachment capability but we'll have to wait and see.

It is the replacement to the 80 series trimmers and I must say, the weight is very similar to them and the front engine cover ls almost exactly the same... Where it use to say PRO SERIES on the front cover, it now says STIHL (this was a pre-production model so they may change that) that's basically all they changed there.

There's an all-new throttle trigger made exclusively for the 94R with a fully adjustable throttle, not a semi-adjustable throttle like we are used to seeing.
It's a dial on the left side of the throttle assembly. (I have a picture but it does not want to upload...)

The handle is the one that is on the FS100RX. (may be changed)

MSRP in Canada is currently set at $379.95 (Reps said it is unlikely that it will change)

As for the FS 240 R they said that it is in the final stages of design and a pre-production model will debut very soon... Most likely Dec -Jan

If you guys have any other questions or comments about it feel free to ask
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