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Village lighting looks like a decent website and they have a couple innovations worth noting. the Garland and wreath hangers are an elegant solution to the problem of putting up garland around doors without fasteners at the top. but I am pretty sure you would still need to fasten them at the bottom, and of course, the added cost of the hangers and time to put the hanger up and store it etc.

While their garland does look nice, I have never been a fan of decorated garland simply because most either does not look good out of the box or it does not meet the style of the homeowner. The men that install lights for me just cannot arrange the ornaments and balls to suit most homeowners. you either have the knack or don't. but they all can fluff multi foliage garland and wreaths, and it looks good enough for 97% of the clients I have. the other 3% pay a decorator to decorate my garland.

The last thing that caught my eye was their LED c-9 product with the floating diodes. Theirs may work as advertised, but I have seen Action Lightings version of this in their "bitsy" light, and the problem with that is probably similar- LED's are directional by nature, and unless you have 7 or 10 in a cluster in the middle all facing out like a polytektrahedron, kind of like cree does with it's latest 40 and 60 watt equivalent bulb at home depot, you will not get equal brightness from the tip, the sides, etc. and nobody really does it because the expense would be ridiculous for a bulb, a C9 would need to cost in the 5-7 buck range to build it.

I kind of like the 2 and 3 way clips they have on their bulk cord. but I would have to use it to render an informed opinion. I am not sure it would speed up or allow us to do much more than we currently do with all in one clips.

given how you mentioned the cost of their items twice, I figure they are pricey too.

so, anyway, there's my 2 cents.
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