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Arrrrgh they are actually using ...
Can you see it, they are using a flap-style throttle instead of the piece they used to have, the actual orange piece you have to depress to give it gas is "new" and that style BREAKS it off when you catch the trimmer on something! How do I know, because Echo uses that style of throttle trigger and I have owned only one Echo in 12 years and it is the ONLY piece of handheld equipment where I broke that plastic throttle trigger the day I went to get it out the back of my truck and 'caught' the silly flap on the sides of the bed, they're not terribly expensive but I remember being done trimming for the day.

Not sure about that primer bulb, it sure is convenient there right on top and I suppose it's fine where it is but didn't they tuck it away in the past for some reason, nyah I guess only time will tell.

I do like the cruise control, though.

Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I talked to several dealers here on Friday afternoon about this trimmer. They all said it has a solid cable shaft, not braided or solid steel and that it won't accept most of the gear box attachments that the current 4 mixer's do. A couple dealers that I trust also said that the Stihl distributor had just been to their dealerships a couple days prior to our conversation showing the 94 around and that it was a really nice trimmer, but again, that it had a solid cable shaft.
I thought if the shaft is solid it WILL accept attachments, if it's a flex shaft it won't, granted I could be wrong but then again so could the dealers.

Overall it's a nice unit, gives me hope, one day I might have to ...

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