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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Most lawn services in Hawaii have at least a McLane. There is not much to go wrong with a McLane. Just be sure that the blades on the reel always have a relief angle on the trailing edge of the blades and that the reel is set for light contact. Do not let any one grind off all the relief and set the mower for no contact. it will work for the first time you use the mower, thereafter it will shred the tips of the zoysia. That method of sharpening and adjustment is only for bent grass golf greens with the need to regrind those blades very often. I maintain my reels by keeping the relief angle, face grinding the bedknife, and backlapping with 180 grit compound every 2 weeks. The Toro makes it super easy to backlap. I simply stick a 1/2" square drive into a socket on the reel pulley. That drive is turned with a heavy duty drill in reverse.
Thanks, thats the info I was looking for. Since it's only going to be about 20k of turf a week do I still need to backlap that often? I'm sure the ones following that ritual are cutting far more turf than I am with theirs.
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