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Originally Posted by VotteroLandscapeCont View Post
I am fairly new to the site and have spent most of the past few months reading, reading and reading anything I came across in all categories. Since I took over a company this past June, making this the first season of estimating for me. With no experience estimating landscape work, I lost a few jobs this season but nowhere close to as many as I landed. I learned very quickly to stick to your hourly rate and a job will usually take longer then you originally think, so I began adding an extra man hour for each guy. I feel I made some progress with determine the time to complete a job with X amount of guys and you will as well, time and experience is our best teaching tool.

Some may say I'm high, some right on & others way off, but IMO I would estimate the trimming (down to a reasonable size) and shaping of all shrubs/ bushes, having the ivy and whatever vegetation in the last pic torn out + dump fee

3 Guys (Myself + 2) for 6 Hours + Dump =$820

Hope this is of some help to you, let us know at what price you get the job for.

Sounds about right, 18 man hours. I would only add $5.00 to your hourly rate and make $50.00. $45.00 might be a little low.
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