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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
How is this any diffferent than an EDDM campaign? As the modern world evolves I find myself looking more at the items in my inbox and on the news pages I read than in my physical mailbox.
It's a bit of a combo.

I think the difference is that most EDDM has a "buy now" style call to action. It is pure advertising. If you don't want to buy now, the flyer gets dumped in the bin. There's low success rates.

I'm just suggesting that if Spray_Man is interested in email marketing, that buying an existing list is just more of the same. Untargeted advertising.

By changing the call to action from "buy now" to "join the list", there's an opportunity to actually start building relationships with people that both are and aren't ready to buy right now. But by joining your email list they have shown they have some interest in what you do and how you can help them...even if they're not in the market right now (they might be, come Spring).
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