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Originally Posted by JNB Construction View Post
Do you have photos of the compressor setup in the flatbed?
It's just a wheelbarrow compressor. I thought about getting a 12 volt 200 psi continuous duty compressor but it's about $1500 and I wasn't sure how it would do in the weather. I will probably gravitate towards that, however, because a 5 hp, 9 gallon wheelbarrow compressor takes up too much space.

I use the compressor for cleaning out my radiators, airing up tires, running impact wrench to change teeth, and running other tools like a cutoff saw, ratchet, and a few times where I needed a small chisel.

Now that I'm thinking, if I had it to do over, I'd just figure out how to mount the 12 volt and keep it out of the weather. One option is inside a toolbox or under it. I have heard about compressors that fit under the hood and are powered off the motor.
There are winch setups that I've seen that have a small compressor built in. It probably won't run an impact wrench but it would air up tires or blow out a radiator somewhat.

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