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This is why you have the "TALK" right off the bat with new customers. Put it in BOLD writing in your policy and procedure paper new customers get. Theres never a problem when they get the 5 mows in a month in July. It's always the end of the month in December when you are hunting down the check and they present you with a half payment and the "why should I pay for a full month excuse". This is usually only a problem with the new to having a lawn service customers. You just have to find the route the customer understands. The per cut times 42 cuts over 12 months or 1 year divided by 12 months "I'm doing you a favor financing a year of service for you" tactic. Mine get the you are paying for a month of service, not a specific number of visits. You get more service for less money in summer and a little less for the same money in the winter.
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