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Originally Posted by Zach_KY View Post
Long story short....

Long time visitor but newly registered. Not a scrub - just mowin' my own property and hate cheap equipment.

At any rate, I used to mow with a 72" grooming mower behind the JD 60Hp tractor and the wife trims around her lawn pretties with her DC 3360 (AKA Fred Flintstone's "flintmobile"). Back in July, the tranny took dump in the JD (warranty problem) and the grass is still growin' so I picked up a 61" V-Ride. After two weeks, it was time to do the first service on the V so I headed over to the dealer for materials. That's when the TT hopped on the trailer and no one could get it off. The cut quality is so much better with the Scag equipment, the tractor and grooming mower are now used in the pasture areas or when four-wheel drive is a must.
Wow, that is one heckuva setup for mowing your own property. You don't mess around.

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