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I've actually been talking with Snyder's about Dixie's myself recently... I didn't realize they have been around for so long. When I found out, it really interested me, I mean, they must be doing something right, right? That being said, I am a long time Walker guy... Just like Dixie, Walker is made in the U.S.A which is important to me. Now, here is the major difference between Walker and most ZTR's... Out Front Deck.... This gives a great cut and contours the ground as well making scalping a non-issue. Cool thing about Walkers is that they offer models in both collection and non-collection, super easy to work on, and the cut is truly phenomenal. Now, just because I am a die hard Walker guy doesn't mean that I don't respect and like other brands. For instance, I run Scag Walk behinds.... Belt drive, love em... I think that lazer z's leave an awesome cut and stripe... Somebody mentioned Bobcat being a good mower for a good price and I think that is true... If you want to go with a stander.... Wright is the only one to go with in my opinion, they wrote the book on standers... Got nothing against Deere, in fact the 7 iron deck comes highly recommended from a lot of folks. But again, before Walker started offering the MB's and MBS', the price point was quite high, however, start by visiting their website and then youtube "Walker product video 2013" They are really easy to deal with as well for everything but especially for getting them to come out for a demo....
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