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Came to a stark realization today. I was thinking back to a conversation I had this summer with my neighbors 18 year old son. He was asking me first if I needed any help this year. As we talked a bit he dropped a question on me. "So where do you picture PLL (my business) to be someday?". You know what, I couldn't even give him a straight answer. I probably muttered a few words like "get bigger, get more work, etc..". This only means one thing. I really need to get my business plan much sharper than just a few thoughts in my head that were my business plan. I should've been able to give him a concise answer without thinking. Without a road map, getting to your destination is quite difficult. I've been working on one, a real one, for the past month and I continue to make edits. I do see how this can pave the way and spell everything out and answer any questions I have about where I need/want to go. Shame on me for letting this go too long. Don't get me wrong I had a decent idea in my head but on paper makes it much more real and holds you accountable. I have a lot of work ahead of me this fall/winter to make sure 2014 is where I need it to be.........
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