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You are absolutely correct. Do you know anything about the law of attraction? Some people believe in it, some people don't. But the basic premise is simple.... The more energy you put into something, the more that something will gravitate towards you (that is actually a very crude definition and folks who truly practice it would be mad at me probably) but look at it this way... The greats; Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Mozart, Beyonce, John Rockefeller..... The list goes on and on but these folks are and were successful because they breathed, ate, and slept basketball, music, entertaining, business. If you don't have a solid business plan, how can you even dream about the future? How do you know what you want? Know, you know that I love ETW's thread and I take his advice to heart, I mean, look at the guy, he's super successful. However, one thing he says is to do one thing really really well and not focus on a bunch of stuff. Well, I want my company to be multi-faceted, I want to be offering maintenance as well as installs and hardscaping and turf care and pesticides. I want folks to know that when they need anything, ANYTHING outside the perimeter of their home and inside the perimeter of their land boundary, I am the guy to call. And that is truly what I think about all day long, when I am working, eating, sleeping... And my business plan is right there almost like a mantra in my head... Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over............
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