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Originally Posted by BlazersandWildcats2009 View Post
In where did the Original poster mention in any post that the customer had fescue or rye grass? Maybe I missed it, but I read several times and couldn't locate nothing but criticizing someone behind their back, whom pays his paycheck.

As for grass, here's you an example. Primarily found in the southern states, hot or humid conditions, also been known to use in northern states around the Canadian border. Here it is used for residential, sports fields, and many other purposes. A&M Grass Turf Specialist, says the grass can tolerate mowing as low as .5" (half an inch.), along with;

Here is a photo of one being used in residential, that indeed needs to be cut much less than three inches. Now the question is, if you pulled up and seen this grass cut at 4", would you have known to cut it at 1"? Notice the cutting height of this lawn being used as a residential grass. Notice that it is indeed cut at a very low height, while do you see any type of scalping, dirt, or dead spots being spoken of in the above conversation? You don't, because it's not only healthy, but has a thick dense turf. If you want my opinion, the weed killers, herbicides, and chemicals are not even needed if the lawn is taken care of at mowed at proper height. I'm not going to break this down into Biology, I was just questioning the validity and point of this question. Is it good business practice to insult a customer behind their back? Just do the service or perhaps give them your side to the story.

Here's a prime example of a grass that's grown around the Canadian border and also in the southern states, and I can assure you the owners wouldn't want this lawn cut at 3" and defiantly wouldn't want someone bosting on them if they asked to have it cut at 1".

Short and no scalping, browning, nothing.

Zoysia is a good turfgrass...... when it is growing and green. Not very popular in zone 5 because it is dormant from Sept to May. But yes, for the 4 months it is growing, you can cut it very short and it looks great. Also pretty weed resistant because it IS so thick, But who wants a lawn that is brown 8 months out of the year? Well except when it is covered by 3 feet of snow.
Most of the cool season grasses will brown out pretty easily if you were to cut it too short. I have proven this to customers time after time and have also figured out that customers who would want cool season grasses cut at 1.5 inches only do so, so the grass will go dormant and they don't have to pay to mow as much. Who wants a lawn that you only mow once a month, is full of weeds, (which is what happens when it is cut too short) and puts forth a "don't give a damn" impression of our service.
Also, I have had a few customers who had me renovate their lawn and replace the Zoysia with more appropriate grasses. I try to attract customers who take pride in the appearance of their lawn and landscape.
Price fairly but price to stay in business.

You can't charge extra because it takes you twice as long to do the job because you have crappy or outmoded equipment.

And, if they don't pay, put a shovel upside their head.
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