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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post

My BR600 held 47.3 oz of fuel. My Husky 570 holds 74.4 oz of fuel. They would both run right at 1.5 hours at WOT on a tank of fuel, and they did so consistently.

The 600 is a nice light, and powerful blower, but it is nowhere near as comfortable to wear for 8 hours a day like the Husky is. The shoulder harness on the Husky versions are the best out there on BP's right now..... by far where comfort is concerned. I think if guys would take better care of them and actually adjust the valves now and then, they'd have a much better rep than what they seem to get here.
What about the air cooled arrangement the RedMax's have on their backpack apparatus? Wouldn't that make them more comfortable in the heat (important issue for me). I am surprised that Husky hasn't taken that for the 570/580. I found a sale on the 8500's, same price as the 7500's so probably go that route.
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