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Originally Posted by Viewpoint View Post
My main gripe is the smallish display and buttons. I'm still young, and my eyes are fine, but if the transformer is mounted at minimum height, it's hard to get down there and read that display. The 620's display is much better, as well as easier to program IMO. If I could make a request...would it kill you to put a backlight on the display? You know we do this stuff at night, right?

^^^^ This x 100

The tork button scheme and display need a complete overhaul. I honestly stopped using them for this reason alone. I also really like the roll dial on the 620. I have noticed something odd on the 620 lately. All of the "new" ones seem extremely twitchy until they are plugged in. When you put the battery in to begin programming them the interface seems to be real jumpy. That was never like that before about 6 months ago. At first I thought I had received a defective timer, but then realized it was happening everytime. Not sure if it means anything, but they changed something about this timer.
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