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Originally Posted by GrassGuerilla View Post
More to the point, both big Redmax blowers are awesome. Neither leaves its owner wishing they had spent the money elsewhere.

I do have a question for those saying the stihl br600 only lasted a couple years. Specifically, what failed? Just get hard to start? My curiosity stems from it being the most mechanically comic aged (edit: complicated, love auto correct) of the bunch (Dolmar not included). The very presence of a valve train makes for more stuff to wear out and fail. Or as I suspect, the valve train wears out before the P&C.

I'm also curious about fuel usage. Many claim them to be more efficient. Not my experience with the trimmers.
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I had one throw a valve & the other piston/rod. The 1st 2 had a one year warranty. The one I have now had a 2 year warranty and is 2 1/2 years old now and still going. Not knocking the Stihl, just telling you my experiences. I like it in every other way.
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