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Papa John's first slogan was the "Perfect Pizza" (a slogan that became a registered company trademark).
That was the first slogan they got sued over, by nobody other than Pizza Hut.
They lost that lawsuit and had to get rid of the logos, all their T-shirts, all the store signs, everything had to come down!
New slogans, logos, shirts and store fronts, car top signs, everything had to be re-created from scratch.
I am sure this all cost them a lot of money, just one of those signs you see on a car costs around $200.
Anything and Everything that had "The Perfect Pizza" written on it had to go.

They then instituted Better Ingredients / Better Pizza, which most folks agreed was far "safer" in terms of stepping on toes.
They were right, until someone decided to compare the ingredients to competitors in a national TV commercial.
That's when they got sued, again.

They squeezed out of it that time, somehow, perhaps via a lot of butter, free pizza and kisses in a low location, I don't know.

It is of interest to note that around turn of the century Papa John's wanted to keep Pizza Hut from obtaining a trademark for the catchphrase, "The Best Pizzas Under One Roof," this was also done via legal filings.

Not sure how that turned out but it seems safe to say between those two, they've been at each other for some time now.

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