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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
That applies to you especially. Zoysia is one of the most abrasive turf types to mow. When the blade clearances and sharpness are not what it is supposed to be, that is where you get the shredding of the leaf tips. The whole lawn will turn white after you mow it. Your customer will be pizzed. Especially if they are as demanding as you say they are.
I have the luxury of living on a golf course community and being friends with all the staff. They have always maintained my machine. I trade welding work to them. My other house had a large area of fine bladed Zoysia and another of a dwarf Bermuda cultivar. I spoke this morning to the blade mech there and he understood fully what you were saying and said that's how mine has been for years. I've never had a broken chain and the cut was superb. I'm just trying to get a better understanding for myself on these nuances. There is a shizzload of info to know on the running and care of these machines and I have made the commitment to learning all I can.
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