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lawn mowing cycles should be based on the properties needs to be serviced and not driven by the dollars you take doing them. I would like to mow on a 7 day cycle most of the time. I have had a lot of new customers this season feel their properties should be mowed on a 14 day cycle. I had to talk to them about how to mow their properties the correct why. A 10 day cycle is good if you can make it work. But the down side is if it is a thick well maintain lawn it looks better on a 7 day cycle without all the extra cut grass turning brown on top of that nice lawn. I adjust my mowing schedule to meet my customers need and to benfit the lawn needs. I mow every week during the season here in maryland and adjust it to the off season. Some lawns have more tree leaves than others which I like to mulch the leaves vice bagging them. When I bag them I charge a extra cash for that service. This is just my thought as a small business owner and a home owner.
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