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Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
does anyone else think the first picture looks like it is higher in the center which would cause water to run to the house?
It looks to me like the entire sand.. or lowes paver sand special is higher.
If you look at it it looks like the sand mound is raised higher than the dirt around it - it kind of looks like at the first sign of rain that sand is going to just wash right out... look at the third picture you will see what I mean
But then it looks like they are putting that Lowes paver base **** ontop of the sand in the first picture!

And then the last set from there portfolio, whenever I first seen the pictures I expected to see after photos, like that was something they tore up and replaced, but I guess that is the finished product!

Project Quote:
Paver Sand Bags @ 2.29 a bag. 50 bags needed = 114.5 x 2 =
We can install your pavers for 229!
Four years in...


It doesn't matter. I just like cutting grass ..
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