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Originally Posted by rusty_keg_3 View Post
We take breaks in the trucks. Our longest drives are our big weekly weekend route. Day one is about 5 hours. Day 2 is 6 hours. Pleaunty of down time on those days.
Any other day is at least 2, maybe 3 hours of driving.

We go sun up, to sun down. We start half our jobs in April and those end as late as December. Or whenever the snow starts.

My brother is the owner, I'm the foreman. We work our guys like dogs. But they dont complain when they get $1000 checks a few times a summer. And "decent" checks ($500-600) on "slow" weeks.

Most of out jobs we mow no matter what basically... 100 degrees, today its 45 degrees. Pouring rain, light hail, thunder, 20 mph winds.

We do what we gotta do. And I'm out here with them getting it done. I'm wearing my car hart bibs, sweatshirt, carhart coat, warm gloves, stocking cap, thick socks...
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I'm with ya! That was a bit of sarcasm there LOL!
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