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Originally Posted by irritation View Post
I would be much more concerned about a large leak, that went unnoticed for days, than a mainline drip.
I can understand your concern but think of this scenario, 8.33 gph x 24 hrs per day = 200 gpd x 365 days per yr = 73,000 gpy.

A mainline break of say 50 gpm x 60 = 3,000 gph x 24 = 72,000 gpd

Roughly the same amount of water, one may or may not be more noticeable but the damage may not differ much in certain soils. I'm just saying that if you have a system that includes a MV you should be testing the mainline for leaks by using the meter a few times a year. Afterall a majority of the forum members are in maintenance or management.
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