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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
It relieves me to know that you are in good hands. A number of golf mechanics have bought into the zero contact no relief method of reel maintenance. I am not saying it won't work. It just does not work for lawn height bermuda and zoysia not cut every day. Most of the local shops here have bought into that or they think that backlapping and relief grinding is not needed since they put the reel on a $25,000 computerized spin grinder. Spin grinding is only for truing the reel back into a straight sided cylinder. Cutting edge maintenance is done with backlapping and relief grinding. When you have nothing better to do, read this, I am not pulling what I say out of my azz.
This guy does things pretty old school with his tools and jigs. His reply was "the closest thing to 25,000 dollar grinder is thats half his salary".
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