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well I did it. I changed one of my ads to say I am the best an should be in print very soon! actually it says my company's name then under it call for "the best fall clean up" then my number in large print. the whole ad is 3x2 so hopefully it works. if not oh well. but Its going out to one town where people are always trying to keep up with the jones, and the most common car is a Mercedes, Bmw, Porsche. So people like quality in this town, So I think saying I'm the best will raise quite a few eyebrows, and hopefully get me a lot of fall clean ups! I'm hoping for 5 days a week of clean ups on my own for a few weeks. and with my pricing 100/hr solo is very possible. I already have more clean ups then last year but I don't wanna do well with fall clean ups. I wanna kill it! hell if I had enough clean ups to go 7 days a week and weather permitted I would do it! also this is my only ad in print so it tracking results will be easy. In november i'm going to renew another ad I usually run.
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