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Originally Posted by 94gt331 View Post
Wow 7 grand is that a pull behind or a tailgate? The billy goat was $3500, I will be putting it on the truck in 2 weeks. We have 1 more week of landscape work to clear out, then we are going to do a final week of mowing. And then we are going to start into leaf cleanups. I let you know how I like it in a few weeks.
Yeah 7 grand, tailgate. My mouth dropped.
I don't really want to put anyone out there, but the dealer is on Logan Blvrd by Beale Avenue. You should know who I am talking about. I love the equipment they have, but some of there prices are way too high.

Where did you get the Billy Goat? Tel-Power sales new & used billy goat stuff for good prices. They have a used slit seeder there for $600 vs 1600$ new, and the thing looks brand new I been thinking about picking it up.
Four years in...


It doesn't matter. I just like cutting grass ..
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