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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
Is it practical to install brackets and outfit the McLane mower with a Weihle roller? Sure seems like that would help it do a better job. I looked at the front view on their web site and saw the small wheels. I do not have a good understanding of what the back end rides on.

Bet the OP's customer never dreamed they would stir things up to this extent. We may be able to get that yard down to 1 1/2" yet.
I think any kind of front roller would be an improvement over those silly caster wheel's. You can get a solid roller from Mclane but instead of spending money on those lightweight unit's people ought to get a better mower like Toro, Jac or JD. $500 seems to be pretty common for a used unit and that's a good price considering they cost close to $5000 new. Lot's of golf course's have them or you can look here.
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